Sunday, October 28, 2007

Planet Earth Right Now

They got Kurds on the border in Turkey, and Turks shooting Kurds in Kurdistan. Meanwhile, a newborn, flightless bird gathers its strength on the Galapagos Island of Isabella; perhaps a blue-footed boobie. That little bird doesn't know about the severely constipated 14 year old girl in Hobard, Tasmania, or the fictional border dispute on Ansion. In West Kensington, London, Sue and Jean-Pierre Benoit are on the down slope and nearing the end of a 14 year marriage; they've decided on a trial separation. About two miles off the coast of Manteo, North Carolina, a spotted eagle ray is struggling with a plastic bag wrapped around its head; it will lose strength and be dead before the end of the day. In Japan, a single mother and freelance photographer saw her 13 year old son put his hand on his girlfriends inner thigh at a school function. She sighed deeply and decided she had to have a talk with him about sex. She felt uneasy about it.

As for me, I'm sitting in the living room of my girlfriend's house in Framingham, Massachusetts, sipping coffee.

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Kristy said...

All I can say is this, you need to be a writer! Your excellent with words and sometimes, I'm sitting and reading it again and thinking, what does that word mean!! LOL, Sorry, I'm a country girl from TN and my language is just very simple if you know what I mean, but I enjoy reading the things you put on here!