Monday, December 31, 2007

Blitzed By Wolf

Check out the comments section of my last post to see a fine example of Republican spin. You can read what Boehner said in the CNN transcript. Blitzer and everyone else interpreted his comments as I did, and John Kerry and Howard Dean demanded an apology. Countless newspaper columnists and editorial boards around the country correctly understood Boehner's insanely insensitive remarks.

But Republicans can't accept reality, so they spin their collective asses off. Part of the spin process is to point the finger at the person reporting the story and accuse him or her of being a liar, or delusional. The fact is that Wolf Blitzer not only mentioned troop casualties in his question, but he emphasized them as part of the cost of the Iraq war.

When the shit hit the fan after House Minority Leader Boehner's callous remark the word went out from the Republican propaganda machine. They tried to argue that he didn't hear Blitzer include troop deaths as part of the cost of the war, and that he was only talking about money.

Give me a break. Republicans are endlessly trying to manufacture an alternate reality and then force us all to accept it. All one has to do is read the question, or watch the video. You can find it here, along with John Kerry's excellent commentary.

The Tao of being a Republican: Say something callous and stupid and pretend it wasn't said and/or do something stupid and pretend it never happened or was done by someone else. Repeat over and over and over again.

Unlike The Fonz (nice glasses and jacket) who left the last comment, I do not maintain a political 'blog. I write about everything here, and I don't take my marching orders from any Democrat. You said it yourself, Fonzie, I'm a socialist. Actually, I'm a capital "S" Socialist, as in I'm a member of the Socialist Party USA. My dues are current. You clearly drink the Republican Kool-Aid. At least some bloggers out there had the balls, or ovaries, to attempt to justify Boehner's comments by arguing that the cost in lives has been worth it. Instead, Fonzie sticks his fingers in his ears and closes his eyes and pathetically recites the Republican Central Committee mantra.


Apocalypse Cow said...

Even if it WAS just about the money, and even if it WAS to stop terrorism, who can be so callous as to say "meh, 2-3 billion a week, its worth it."

Darren W. Lyle said...

glad you posted that, because I thought the same thing after I posted my response. Not only that, but we have a prez who keeps cutting taxes, or trying to. What kind of cunt cuts taxes during a war?