Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You Don't Know Where That Finger's Been

Second post in a day, but I have to share this amusing tidbit. While I was tooling around the Internet, I found a website for Islamic children. The front page reads, "By children, for children, (with adult supervision, of course)." It sounded perfectly benign, and I was looking for a picture from an Islamic puppet show (I'm not going to lie to you, it's a sad fact). When I entered the site I noticed that they were pushing an article entitled, "A Brief Historical Survey of Jewish Persecution" and I became aware that the site was going to deliver religious propaganda to innocent weans. So blatant and obvious that it's almost as if the site were mocking itself.

Naturally, the young Palestinian author (under the guidance of adults) decides to let the Jews have it. How predictable can you get? For fuck's sake, kid, are you always on?

He contends that the Wretched Jews are to be pitied, but they were wrong for invading Palestine. The word wretched aside, it's a reasonable opinion. But a couple of pages in, the phone comes off the hook, the horse escapes the barn, the connection is lost, something. With all the subtly of a sledgehammer to the noggin:

They [Europe and the US after WWII) gave the Jews a free hand – and also very generous support – to set up a state that would call for the ethnic cleansing of the people living there. That state, under the watchful eyes of its benefactors, uprooted centuries-old towns and villages, rudely disrupted the prevailing atmosphere of peace and tolerance, and instead brought misery and suffering to the bewildered, yet helpless inhabitants. It upset the harmonious equilibrium that had been in place for more than a few centuries, and began a new genocide against the Palestinians.

Harmonious equilibrium? I've never seen that anywhere, let alone the Middle East.

And the moral of the story is that a couple of minutes later, I found my puppet picture, once again proving that this is the best of all possible worlds. God smiles down upon us all like Step n Fetchit hovering hungrily over a piece of watermelon. Just without the racism.

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