Thursday, August 07, 2008

Aria #5 Villa-Lobos Bach. Braz.

The title refers to what I'm listening to right now. My god, do I love that opera. I'm just getting into opera again. As it is, I only appreciate a little of this and that. Today found me yet again feeling as if no progress has been made in the fight against madness and addiction. I've been told that I have an "addictive personality." No shit. I'm an atheist trying to get in as many Ring Dings, narcotics, weed, booze and sex before I die. A perfectly reasonable philosophy. In order to make sure that I live beyond 40, however, I need to reign in my addictions. At OAS they tried to purge every addictive drug I may have been on. That includes marijuana, which isn't physiologically addictive, and is hardly psychologically addictive. It's just not an addictive drug.

All I want is sex, benzodiazepines and sweet, sticky weed.

I'm not going to try and kill myself anymore, due to various promises made. But the previously mentioned goodies take the edge off. Besides, I'm diagnosed with a mental illness, which benzos are meant to treat, god damn it. And sex...well, sex.

The pictures of two men in a dress, myself and Ann Coulter, is part of a contest set up by a friend of mine. The question, ladies and gentlemen, is, "Who looks better in a dress?" Clearly, got to be me. Her freakishly long hand versus my beautiful legs.

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Moisha said...

D-Man! Where is the stuff about the psych ward? You had so much stuff you said, hand-written. Write it out, my brilliant and handsome friend.