Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Quelques photos de mes amis et je, avec une histoire fausse d'un photographe

My recent photo shoot with Manhattan photographer Ghurby Mbugua not have gone better. Pure magic from could his camera. I'll let the images do all the talking. I had wanted to go to New York City, but his new "thing" is taking pictures of people in their own homes, flats, whatever. You're the boss, Monsieur!

In one picture I'm actually nude, but my Obama hat covers me up nicely. I don't like the loose skin, but it's better than when I was 200lbs heavier.

Love your body! Love it! I spent so much of my life hating my body, and I know I still have plenty of reasons to hate it. There is something so liberating, however, with posting these pictures of myself. I'm not ready to go totally nude, except with close friends, and it would probably get taken down, anyway. But in a dress? Sure!

I threw in some pictures of my friends, a snapshot of some of my world. They are Mary (tattoos), who is an amazing artist, Lilac (with the kissing lips), Clare (sitting on a blanket at a picnic), Donna with a corn snake, and Amanda on the bottom right. And finally, my friend and comrade David McReynolds in front of the SP red and white sign. There is also Charlie, a FtM transsexual who had the "top" surgery last year. His girlfriend is there, and some of their friends in the background.

Of course that is my beloved Linda up top, next to me. How I love her!


Anonymous said...

Hey, mon ami, it looks really good. You're a wonderful, brilliant guy.


Chloe said...

Go Darren! I LOVE you, brother! If you were not in a relationship and if I weren't a lesbian, I'd be all over you. :)

How are you doing these days, old friend? I know you just turned 36. That's nothing to this 40 something. Kisses to you and the kitties!