Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Monday Morning

Our unregulated market economy continues to show near fatal flaws in the absence of functioning regulation, at the very least. What we really need is to put to death, finally, the idea that a free market (laissez-faire) works. It doesn't. Now that the mortgage collapse has spread from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac into the the banking industry, in a manner of speaking, there will be a lot of talk of the need for more regulation, or no regulation at all. Lehman Brothers is pretty much all done, and the market analysts look terrified.

I enjoy watching the stock market drop. Just as I take great pleasure in hearing about hunting accidents. A wonderful, heart-warming story to me would involve a group of stock brokers or commodities speculators out on a hunting trip together, only to end up trapped in the wilderness, forced to answer the question, "Who do we eat first?" Before they can answer the question, however, a grizzly bear breaks into their camp and tears them all to pieces. Slowly. The hunting capitalist cunts beg for merciful death as the giant bear begins to eat them alive over 28 hours of agonizing pain. Eventually, the bear poops them out near an oak tree.

What I'm trying to say is that I don't like hunters or capitalists. Yeah.

In other news, sad news, it looks like race is going to play a part in this election, moreso than any of us hoped. Race was going to be an issue, no doubt, but I was hoping against hope that as a country we would rise above it; I was wrong. If McCain wins, racism will have played a part, along with other varieties of stupid.

Obama is so far above McCain, and his ridiculous running mate, Palin. It's worth noting that the rest of the world is behind Obama. Our allies are really pulling for us to avoid making yet another stupid mistake. But we all know the reasons that Obama must win, but probably won't.

My politics are left, left, lefty left left of center. I can imagine a violent overthrow of the US government, but I'd prefer a non-violent election. There isn't any point to laughing at Bush or McCain, the jokes on us. Every "accomplishment" of these two twits represents another star in a constellation of mendacity, manipulation, deceit, cruelty, war-mongering, imperialism, classism, ineptitude and greed. Twisted and sick and in need of having their power taken away. Instead, McCain and Palin may very well be standing at the beginning of a political empire. President McCain, with his feeble mind and warped view of things. Not to mention long balls. The eventually (or pretty quickly) President Palin, which her childish attachment to gun games, annoying voice and weak (to non-existent) knowledge of...anything.

They sicken me. Obama is 100 times the human being they are together.


Apocalypse Cow said...

What I find ridiculous is that people are saying how graceful, tactful, poised, and intelligent that flesh dump factory is. She's no more poised than any other beauty queen. You give her a script, and she can read it well. Thats it. I really really hope that Biden takes her out to the woodshed and skins her alive, like most lefties know he can.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your feedback. Which begs me to ask...which elements did you like? The photos? Or the narratives? Or both? Thanks for visiting.