Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Of Bailin' and Palin

As I sit here drinking my coffee in my favorite "Le Chien" mug from France, a vague desire for this life to end is pestering me. They call it "suicidal ideation" and it has got to be connected to this fucking election. It's looking good for Obama, whom I support and, for reasons that are unclear to everyone, I want to play with his ears. Obama has cute ears, what do you want from me.

Despite how well Obama is looking right now, I have a feeling that McCain is going to swoop down like a vulture and, well, win. This sort of negativity did not evolve without the help of experience. In 2004 I just knew that Kerry was going to win. He didn't, and now we pay the price. The "price" for me includes no small amount of my sanity, a will to live and faith in my fellow man.

But Bush won, and I learned a lesson; the American people (at least half of them) are stupid. Thus, I'm taking nothing for granted. In fact, I'm expecting a McCain win just to desensitize myself against the spectacle. There has never been a candidate, or ticket, more clueless and scary than McCain/Palin.

I've been asked if I "really" support Obama, given that I'm a Socialist Party USA member (until they get around to booting me for supporting the Fist and Rose split) and my politics are far to the left of the brown man from Chicago. The answer is that I really do support Obama. He's not perfect, of course, but he's smart and communicates his ideas well. That alone puts him far ahead of McCain or Bush. Moral scruples help, too. Remember those? I miss the days when we had leaders who didn't have to be told that torture was beneath us and bad. Le sigh.

Beyond the election there are the markets, which are just a joy to watch these days. Capitalism is collapsing, as it tends to do, without government assistance and regulation. Eventually they will throw $700 billion at the banking crisis, but until they do, suck on it Wall Street.


Apocalypse Cow said...

Just remember, if McCain wins, someone who thinks man and dinosaur walked the earth together will be second in command.

If that aint a sign of the end times, I don't know what is.

Darren W. Lyle said...

AC, you are, of course, right. I've been trying not to read too much about Palin's Creationist beliefs, but naturally my curiosity got the better of me.

This is off the hook crazy. I have a contingent of friends (real and Internet) living in Britain. Some expatriates, some Brits. I asked one of the Brits, a woman of about 50 years of age, about Palin's Creationist views. She told me that no politician could get elected there if he or she believed that, point blank.

She is a big-time Torchwood and Dr. Who fan, so she is wise.

What about the "witch casting" ceremony, too? If any other pol, including McCain, were filmed doing that it would be all over the news, along with harsh criticism.

And I, for the record, do NOT think she is cute. She looks like a controlling jerk with an annoying voice. I wouldn't touch her with McCain's dick.