Friday, October 10, 2008

Of Zippy the Pinhead and Cosmic Accidents

One of my proudest moments is having written a Zippy the Pinhead comic strip. About half of it, anyway. I wrote the "script" and sent it to Bill Griffith and voila! When my light goes out I want it chiseled on my tombstone. When I sent an email to Bill Griffith saying that, he seemed...disturbed. But it makes sense that I would be proud of this nonsense. I have 200 pages of an unpublished novel in my closet, countless poems, and a series of articles written for marginal left-wing party organs and magazines.

That's not exactly good enough to be called an "author." The only time I've been paid for my handiwork is when I wrote a paper for a friend at UMass Boston. It was about cellular biology...wasn't even for Theatre Arts or English. Le sigh.

Anyway, that's what I have today. I had to post something because the "Palin" picture is freaking me out. Can't have it sitting there as the first post you see. It's not really Palin. Surprisingly, some of my regular readers think it is her. Hell, what do I know, maybe it is. Maybe it's McCain for all I know. But I put the words on there. It would have to be a cosmic accident. Like Cool Whip or Japanese television.

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