Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama as "Mutt"

In his first press conference, President-Elect Barack Obama made a joke, one of two that have people with nothing else to do talking. I'm one of those people, apparently. There is something interesting here worth looking at, perhaps as a way of reminding you that most people need to be slapped. After election day, you may have noticed a general optimism about the future of mankind. Party-poopers are already at work. Give them a parade and they will bring the rain.

The wet blankets I have in mind are the biracial cry babies who take offense at Obama referring to himself as a "mutt." Specifically, found in Kimchi Mamas, a blog written by a Korean-American woman. By all means, check it out. She seems like a nice woman, but she's being too damn sensitive. If Obama is comfortable calling himself a fucking "mutt," then he can do so. If some biracial people find the term upsetting, you're just going to have to get over it.

Some people have this thing called a "sense of humor" and often try to inject conversation and speeches with good natured self-deprecation, thus providing levity, even approachability.

This chick doesn't have one. Kimchi Mama! Otherwise a good blog.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree wiht your assessment. If Obama wants to call himself whatever he wants it's his prerogative. That has always been my peeved many people do not have a sense of humor like you said. Personally I found Obama's comparison of Sarah Palin to a pig just as hilarious!! LOL.