Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Death of an Activist, Teacher and Comrade

Today I simply want to mention the passing of a comrade and member of the Socialist Party USA. Death is a common thing, but impossible to fully comprehend, like Nicholas Cage. Life is full of mysterious goings-on; birth, the size of the universe, the concept of "god," and the success of Glenn Beck. So we just have to get used to these ugly and amazing events and places because we have to, there is no choice.

At any moment someone you love more than yourself could drop dead of a cardiac arrest and you'll never, ever see them again. It's best to try and think of other things. Like sex. Or American Idol. Something.

The name of the departed is Rob Tucker, and back in the early to mid-nineties he submitted many articles to my "Socialist Health Care Forum," the newsletter for the Socialist Health Care Commission I chaired at the time. I edited the SHCF, and published it using the copy machine at work. Literally cut and paste.

Comrade Tucker was a tireless advocate for socialized medicine in the US. That's not an easy thing to be. Like banging your head against the wall. We banged our heads against that wall together for a few years, mostly via correspondence, although I did meet him three times. Conventions in Chicago and Milwaukee, I think.

Rob, my friend and comrade, we will prevail. It may take longer than we thought it would, but we will get socialized medicine in the US. It just makes sense. Now the short obituary.

Robert Whitney Tucker Jr.

Age 77, of Center City Philadelphia died Thursday Feb. 26, 2009. He was born May 7, 1931 in Selinsgrove, PA the son of R. Whitney and Kathleen (Sofley) Tucker. He was a writer and teacher. He is survived by his wife of 45 years, Cornelia, and by a brother, David of Sterling, VA. Services are private. Memorial contributions may be made to American Friends Service Committee, 1515 Cherry St., Phila., PA 19102.


Linda said...

Though I didn't know him, I think you did him proud.

Anonymous said...

Recently i have come to terms with the possibility that i may just die and be dead. no afterlife. and you know what, its ok, it doesnt freak me out anymore. because if you die and are just nothing, then you cant feel sad orin pain or anything. you cant feel anything because you dont exist anymore. so i guess it would be alright. how have you been? e mail me sometime man!

Darren W. Lyle said...

Hey, MIB! Please send me your email again. I've had issues with my email, lost a lot of stuff.

As for dying, I agree, and that's been a problem for me. I'm certain that there is nothing after death, and that makes suicide appealing. I'm suicidal right now, and my life is going very well.

Did you find it difficult to come to terms with your new outlook? Write me, we have much to talk about, my friend. I'm also on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Communist compost! Just kidding. Some say that Communists and Socialists are bad and should FRY, but I just see kind intellectuals trying to make the world better.