Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Dog to Walk

This morning finds me waiting to attend a Unitarian Universalist down the street for the first time in about two years. I'm an atheist, but probably a scientific pantheist, as well. Nature may as well be my god. Or the sun. Or Buddy Hackett. It doesn't really matter, as I do enjoy a good spiritual and philosophical conversation about the meaning of life. The UU's are my people, and a good place to start as I try to have more intercourse with the outside world.

Methinks that I've plumbed the depths of existential nihilism and pathological self-loathing and "suicidal ideation" long enough. My instinct is to stay in my flat and read, and listen to music, and paen for the affection of a certain woman. As difficult as it is for me to interact with humans, it needs to be done. Otherwise, loneliness will continue to turn me bitter.

Isn't that super?

Writing helps, as well, and that means I'm going to try and write for this blog more often.

But right now, I have a dog to walk.

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