Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Room You're In

There is such beauty in the world, in the form of people living maddeningly fragile and short lives, and doing it with dignity and compassion and strength. And love. We have families who hover nearby, if not in space than via technology. Friends are there to provide a little help. With a little bit o' bloomin' luck, human beings can make little worlds within the world. Harmonious communities where youth is tolerated and wisdom found in experience.

All that great shit.

I think I'm happiest in a locked room. Been in a few of them. Not happy, but less unsettled and ill at ease. Something about that open door to the room I occupy at any given time. And those other doors, if there are any, that go to other places beyond, with still more doors and other places. It annoys and upsets like a crying baby. So many new experiences ready to consume me, and change and challenge me. No more of that.

Better for me to take life one room at a time, which is easier to do if I can't get out of the room I'm in.

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