Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm a man. As a man, it upsets me that so much pain is caused by other men, against women. Regardless of the reasons, biological or sociological or psychological, men hurt women physically in large numbers around the world. As a species, we need to make it stop.

I'm a simpleton, and can't get past the terrible things being done to my sisters around the world. And most men never turn to violence against anyone, including women. Unfortunately, subjugating women seems to be the primary role of so many institutions, mainly religion.

Perhaps I'm too much an romantic, but methinks that most people have an inclination to be compassionate to other people. Empathy is natural. So why is it that so many people around the world are judging and punishing women so harshly? Who would deny that sex is a rather large part of life? Desire. Women in so many places are punished not only for desiring sex and intimacy, but for tempting men.

I'm not going to cite statistics or refer to an anecdote. Anyone with eyes can see that. Anyone with ears can hear it!

Men of faith around the world are afraid of women. They fear them because sexual discipline is more difficult if women are around. And sexual discipline is a part of every religion. Particularly feared are women who embrace their own sexuality. Temptation.

That's pretty fucked up right there. Women are mutilated, beaten to death, imprisoned in their own homes...all because of fear. The men who do this are afraid that impropriety, or just the appearance of impropriety, will have negative social and cosmic consequences. Better to just throw a blanket over your wife or daughter and keep her in the house.

And cut off the clitoris. That will certainly throw cold water on the fire down below.

What a smoldering injustice, such pain caused for such stupid reasons. If common sense and compassion were to guide us, these men wouldn't engage in such pathological behavior. Instead, institutions overshadow our natural instincts towards empathy and compassion.

It sucks.

I'll never forget the movie "Darwin's Nightmare," where a Tanzanian woman was interviewed. She was working as a prostitute, but was still young enough to have hope for something better. In the movie, she sang the anthem of her country, Tanzania, Tanzania. Her soft, lilting voice rising above the din of a busy street. Or perhaps cutting through it. She looked tired, despite her youth. The clip is here.

Later we find out that an Australian pilot, flying fish out of Tanzania, killed her after hiring her for sex.

Her voice has stayed with me. It haunts me.

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