Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Light Within and Without

The moon is as advertised tonight, very large and bright. The ideal time to show Bill O'Reilly what causes tides. Some coves, bays, nooks, and crannies along the coast will actually have higher tides than normal. Never a misunderstanding. The night is crisp and clear and the sky looks as it does just before the sun rises.

I dig it.

Annie and I took a walk earlier, and we both enjoyed the spectacle. The pull, the pull, the pull. The gravity was reduced to such a degree that she floated several inches off the ground, and walking her was like carrying a day old, slightly flaccid, helium balloon. An awkward yank sent her spinning like a Roulette wheel as she hovered, with only the cold air to slow her down. In space, she would have spun from here to eternity. Imagine that. Her brilliant poof of a tail reflecting sunlight only at a certain point in her arc. Blink, blink, blink. From here it would look like a winking star. With her ears splayed wide and a shocked expression on her little doggy face, spinning forever. Never a misunderstanding.

Nancy is sitting across the room from me as I write this little missive to the world. The moon is out the window to my right, shining white and ensconced in a halo of deep blue. They have something in common, those two. She pulls at me and is always glowing in my eyes, and is most often seen at night. Sometimes tempestuous thoughts and feelings obstruct my view, as clouds and fog do to the moon. She is there nonetheless, her affect on me undiminished. To her, midnight is high noon, and the sunrise compels here to climb into bed, like the late evening to most people. My darling insomniac.

Unlike the moon, Nancy drinks a lot of Diet Coke and is regularly outraged by politics, and stubbornly insists that there be a modicum of social justice in this world. Her beauty and her anger are an irresistible siren's song that draws me in every day and every night.

Never a misunderstanding!

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