Monday, April 11, 2011


It's a little after 8am on a windy, gray, and warm day here in Boston. Close to 80 degrees today, with no sun to ruin it. Spring has arrived and it pleases me. Just as the sun was coming up, behind that blanket of clouds and mist, birds were cheeping and tweeting outside my bedroom window, which was open wide yet did not freeze Nancy and I. There seemed to be a lot to talk about in the boughs of that tree. Like listening to a song in a foreign language, the content is mysterious but the music and meaning (as I interpret it) satisfies, perhaps more than if I knew the words. The cats took notice, seeming to take turns on the sill. A watch in shifts, to keep the little birdies nervous and in their maple tree.

Annie wasn't interested, at least when I awoke every so often and found her asleep next to Nancy, feet sticking up in the air like a dead bug. My tooth pain ensured that my slumber would take place in 20 minute intervals, give or take 5 minutes or so. No complaints, though, as I was lucky enough to secure an appointment with an oral surgeon for 9:45 this morning, not much more than an hour from now.

Time to shave and brush and all that. Au revoir.

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