Monday, August 22, 2011

The Little Balls That Couldn't

This video is dedicated to Torsten "OneNut" Koehler, a man I admire who had one testicle removed due to testicular cancer. It is now his mission to educate men about self-examinations. He has given me good advice over the years, and is a very thoughtful and kind fellow. I hope it's amusing and educational! This is his website. There are television commercials that advertise testosterone therapy for older men, to make them feel young again. Those commercials piss me off. Pathologically low testosterone (well below the normal range) is a serious health concern, not to mention a quality of life issue. My condition is called congenital hypgonadism. If my malfunctioning testes were not removed, the doctors assured me that I would definitely get cancer. So out they came! Since then, testosterone replacement therapy has been part of my life, and will be until I croak.

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