Monday, November 07, 2011

The Search for Lefse!

My wife is from Minnesota, an oasis of civilization located next to the armpit of the known universe. To the West of The Star of the North is North Dakota and South Dakota, with Iowa to the South. Wisconsin is to the East, which is a good thing, as Wisconsin is a super-fine state and a bulwark against the evils of Governor Walker.

Minnesota is also the home of The Mayo Clinic, one of the best hospitals in the world, along with about 12,000 lakes (even more than the 10,000 advertised). During my visits there, I've found affable, cool people who will happily buy you a drink  if you look a little down.

Bob Dylan is from Duluth, but he is an asshole who never shows any appreciation for what he learned  on the mean streets of that fair city. The time I spent in Duluth was very interesting. My guide and future wife, Nancy Welharticky, loves her adopted city, even though it has not always been kind to her. Duluth is like that...a lot of character, but quite dangerous if you don't want neighborhoods to avoid. Duluth is also a hilly town, and when the cold air blows through town, those hills get icy as all hell. Nancy slipped and nearly broke her ass at least five times.

Merv is a gregarious gentleman who will buy you a drink, as long as you're with Nancy. Kurt is also a Duluthian, and one amazing musician. A kinder man you will never meet. Leigh, too, is super cool. She lives across the lake a bit in Superior. Wonderful people all. Prince is from Minnesota, and I'd love to pat him on the bum when he visits.

I'm in love with Boston, but if I ever cheated on her, it would be with Duluth.

Nancy tells me that there is a Norwegian food that can only be found in Scandinavian enclaves in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The food is called, "Lefse." A little about the delicacy here.

If you know where this thing can be found in the Boston area, email be at toute de suite!  This poor woman (Nancy Pants) is JONESIN'. Better yet, if you know of a Scandinavian bakery, all the better.

While you're here...donate to my cause...I need a computer!

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