Thursday, January 24, 2013

More Reasons Football Sucks Compared to Baseball

As some of you may know, the few who read my blog, a couple of posts ago I wrote about the inferiority of football compared to baseball. Any thinking person knows this already, but let me reiterate with even more reasons baseball is superior.

First, I'd like to point out how annoying anonymous comments are to me. I'm pretty sure who wrote the five "anonymous" comments, and any reader of my little missives has every right to write an anonymous comment, that's why I allow them. However, the problem is that I have to write another blog entry to answer the aforementioned anonymous comments, especially considering just how wrong those comments are, particularly in this case. The superiority of baseball over football isn't subtle, it's considerable. A new blog entry is necessary to cover the many, many reasons I already won this debate against innumerable football fans. But here we go again, in no particular order, 10 reasons why I'm right. Enjoy!

But first...

Baseball season is just around the corner, and I can't wait. Fenway Park is pure magic, a Boston Cathedral. Did I mention that I...can't...wait. It's that kind of enthusiasm that is behind this little tidbit of information: The Red Sox have sold out every home game since May 15, 2003, the longest streak in MLB history. I know my Red Sox, and I know baseball. I know football, too, because the Patriots are so amazing. That's how I know that baseball is just a better sport. Pitchers and catchers report for Spring training on February 12! The best sport of all is coming soon. Onward to the list.

1. Baseball is not a timed sport. As Yogi Berra once said, "It ain't over 'til it's over." You could be down 20 points in the 9th inning with one out left, and come back. They don't, "knee the football" or run out the clock. Overtime in professional football (why do they call it that? Soccer fans have a legitimate complaint) is a joke. A coin flip? Really. What a joke.

2. Cheerleaders are annoying and indicate just how boring football can be. You need distractions. Baseball has plenty of fabulous looking women in the stands.

3. The All-Star game. Baseball's mid-season masterpiece of excellence is wonderful. What does football have? The Pro-Bowl? Give me a break.

4. The NFL discards players like used condoms after they retire, and lets them deal with concussions that lead to misery and suicide. The MLB Player's Association is a great union that treats players with respect. Thank Kurt Flood for that, an amazing human being.

5. Pitching and hitting are two of the greatest skills in all sports. Sixty feet, six inches...the perfect distance to create incredible difficulty and a strategic masterpiece that transcends anything in, "football."

6. A good catcher is harder to find that a good quarterback. Another amazing talent that most non-fans do not appreciate or understand.

7. This is a big one for me. In baseball, they have open try-outs. If I can pitch or hit or catch, I can go show what I have to a baseball scout. That's it. In football, you go from college to the NFL, even though most NFL players have rocks in their heads (that sweet football scholarship). If you can play, baseball will take you. No bullshit college lie, or draft, or any of that crap.

8. Every baseball park is unique. The angles and distances are the same, but the outfield challenges vary (Green Monster at Fenway, Ivy at Wrigley Field, etc.). It makes the games more interesting.

9. The National League (and American League if they are playing in a NL park) forces the pitchers to bat, no designated hitter. The strategic decisions that come from this fact alone indicates baseball's superiority.

10. Footballs is all rules, little strategy. Baseball has simpler rules, more strategy. Just the way it should be.

Now Some Quotes:

"Baseball is like a church. Many attend and few understand." Leo Durocher

"Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical." - Yogi Berra

"Baseball is now, and always will be, the greatest game in the world." Babe Ruth

"There is no written rule, but it is part of baseball's rich common law that batters shall not glance back to see where the catcher is setting up because that reveals the intended pitch location. A catcher may give a peeking batter a polite warning. If the batter is a recidivist, the catcher then may set up outside but call for a pitch inside. When the batter leans out toward where he thinks the pitch is going, his ribs receive a lesson about respecting the common law. Sport is a moral undertaking because it requires of participants, and it schools spectators in the appreciation of, noble things--courage, grace under pressure, sportsmanship. Sport should be the triumph of character, openly tested, not of technology, surreptitiously employed." Source: Say it ain't so (, 02/08/2001)


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