Monday, January 14, 2013

The Adoption Industry, Coercion and Lies

How Adoption Brokers See Children
Mothers are losing their children all of the time to the adoption industry, the "Adoption Brokers."

No exiled mother willingly surrendered her children to adoption.  They didn't "give their child away."  Exiled mother's babies are not gifts.  Exiled mother's babies are not unwanted.

Mothers are exiled from their babies not because they were proven unfit, but because they are vulnerable (young, unwed, sick or poor). Exiled mothers are lied to by social workers, adopters, adoption agencies and even the church in order for adopters to obtain their babies.

Mothers don't have a choice when surrendering their babies. They are coerced or outright forced into surrendering their babies for adoption.

Exiled mothers are women who wanted to keep their babies, but because of factors such as being unwed, poor, or sick, their babies were taken by force, coercion and lies.

Some mothers are still drugged when they are forced to sign the papers relinquishing their parental rights.  Others are told that they will never see their child again unless they sign the papers to surrender their child for adoption.  Others were told they would not be allowed to see their babies unless they signed the papers.  Still others, never signed but the mother's parents signed away their children.

All mothers are never told the truth about the consequences of adoption to them or their babies.  Instead, they were deliberately lied to. A cold manipulation.

Children are taken from their mothers so that the adoption industry can make money by playing the role of savior to infertile couples by selling the "ultimate gift" to them at the mother's expense.  Then the adoption industry comes out "smelling like a rose" for solving the welfare and moral problems of society.  It really all comes down to money.... keeping the mothers off welfare and making money for the adoption brokers.

The adoption industry tells mothers that they will forget.  Mothers are told to "get over it."  They are told "put it behind you."  Mothers are told to "get on with their lives."  The children are told that "their mother gave them away."

Exiled mothers never forget.  They never stop loving their babies.  They never stop missing their babies.

Exiled mother: A natural mother who has lost her child to adoption solely because of her age and/or lack of support, information or resources. An unrecognized mother, she has been thrown away, banished and discarded by her parents, the adoption industry and society, who deemed her unworthy to raise her own child.

This comes from a blog about the lie of, "open adoption" and can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I never forgot my baby. Instead it was an aching hole in my heart for years. I cant forget & I cant forgive. I love too much to just FORGET such an event & I hate too much to allow these people to just walk off with what is essentially my life. My love & my life. As a book I once said,"My hatred is my pearl".

Blogger said...

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