Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blackie Gets Stoned Off His Ass

Recently I've taken to posting videos on my blog, even though I really hate that my lower incisors are missing, and I look like a pirate, or a very old man. But I'm neither of those things, I'm just a homely poor fellow who doesn't have the money to get the problem fixed. The video I post this morning mercifully has only a couple of seconds of me. The rest is dedicated to a stray cat that Nancy and I feed every morning and evening, name of, "Blackie." Not a very creative name. This cat is amazing, as he has been homeless for at least two years, but living on the streets has not turned him into a mean, nasty kitty, which so often happens.

We decided that little Blackie deserves more than food, water, and pats. He also deserves some sweet kind bud, the stickiest of the icky...catnip. When it comes to cats, always say, "Yes!" to drugs. A stoned cat is just plain fun to watch, although we do have a mean drunk in this flat, "Fluffy." She was once a homeless cat, and is the mother of my cat soul-mate, "Impy." After some of the 'nip, Fluffy can get a little pointy and feral. This is Impy...

No, wait, that's Jimmy Durante. This is Impy. Yes, she is a Warren supporter.

And this is the mean drunk, Fluffy, mother of Impy. Both of whom I pulled out from under our back stoop 5 or so years ago, just after little Fluffy gave birth to Impy and three other kitties. Impy looks like her father. The other two surviving kittens look like Fluffy, with beautiful blue eyes. Aren't they adorable?

The date is wrong. I'm all thumbs when it
comes to technology.

Without further ado, here is Blackie, getting high on the 'nip. It's a hard world on the little things, but they don't have to go through it alone, without a little help from friends.

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