Friday, August 09, 2013

A Hospital as an Asshole on the Face of the Earth

So I'm drinking coffee and eating a, "Clif" bar for reasons that are unclear to me. It's been awhile since I posted on this blog, and it's for a good reason. Don't give me shit. I accidentally overdosed, had two really bad seizures, and then had a drug interaction that gave me stroke like symptoms...very bad. Suddenly, however, I feel compelled to write on here.

I've purchased a thong, and it's interesting. Naturally, I have no picture of me wearing it, so I'll provide this one. It's close.

Pretty Accurate Depiction

It makes me feel sexy, and distracts me from my therapy conversations a bit. That helps. I need some distraction whilst pouring over the embarrassing details of my life, like I'm wearing a thing.

The details of my life are interesting, I think. My father died last month. And I just found out that the hospital made a very bad mistake and I'm suing the hospital. I'm upset. He died alone. I'm angry. Yes, people make mistakes, but this is my father, and there is no room for mistakes when people's lives are at stake. The mistake was so bad that he could still be alive now if not for the fuck-up. I cry.

The Hospital that Killed Dad
So my time will be occupied with working with the lawyer, who is excited about our chance to win. The Department of Public Health investigated them. I'm waiting for the report. It's considered a, "Serious Reportable Event." Damn right it is.

I'll be on more, my friends. Nice talking to you.


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