Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Big Enchilada

A woman in Wisconsin recently gave birth to a 14lb baby girl who at this point remains unnamed. The father, however, in the grand tradition of men saying and doing stupid and/or wildly innappriate things, has dubbed the massive flesh dump, "The Big Enchilada." This thing was born via the use of a C-section, which means they cut the mother open and ever so gently yanked the baby out of her body. A vaginal birth was clearly out of the question; the mother's taco wasn't nearly large enough for the enchilada to pass through. That being the case, the doctors had to think outside the bun and ditch the vaginal birth.

Just remember to be courteous if your baby is as large as this abomination. Flush twice and spray the bathroom with Lysol, or at least light a match.

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