Monday, October 17, 2005

At a loss...

Greetings, everyone. I haven't posted a single comment to my 'blog in the last month due to a long-awaited trip to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit my beloved Donna. Seeing Donna again was the "long-awaited" part, not the part about seeing Little Rock. Before my trip was all over, I had traveled 3,200 miles via Greyhound Bus. It truly is an unpleasant way to travel, and should only be done if a lack of money prevents any other means. Naturally, I'm poor, so I took my place among the rubes, hicks, boobs, and dips. Perhaps I'll write about it later, perhaps not. We'll see what comes up in therapy.

Donna has a lovely place in Little Rock that is a sort of enclave of progressive thinking. Not just her apartment, but the whole neighborhood. While I was there I took in the Clinton Presidential Center and Park, which comes complete with a lone protester calling for Clinton's impeachment. I think the ship has sailed on that one.

Before leaving for the South, I told myself not to get into any arguments that might end up with my getting my nose pushed in. When I visited North Carolina, my brother-in-law withstood a withering attack by yours truly (I forget what about), and I'm pretty sure he was a minute away from knocking me out. As a drill sergeant, it would have been easy for him. Actually, just about anyone could take me in a fight, which is why I avoid them. But I am passionate about my socialist, left-wing wacko philosophy, so I have to learn to tone it down a bit. When the conversation turned to bow hunting on the bus, which it seemed bound to do and did, I just turned up my headphones and listened to The Kinks.

But I'm home now, just in time to check in with my probation officer for my minor shoplifting charge. I already miss Donna again, and her three cats, Rosie, Bodhi, and Madeline. But the comforts of home help soften that blow, like my cats, my father's debate, and his coffee, which is almost supernatural in its power.

Anyone want to talk? I'm right here.

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