Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Careful Eye On Hurricane Hanes

I'm not sure why, but I haven't had much to say recently and therefore haven't posted to my little 'blog for almost two weeks. Part of the reason is due to crippling depression...that tends to clog the toilet of the mind. But I still find myself entranced by what is happening in the world. Well, some of the things, anyway. I wasn't "entranced" by the annoying bastard who was yelling outside my window last night, and he is as surely as much a part of this world as anyone.

One of the things happening these days that has grabbed my attention is the number of hurricanes we've experienced. Although I really have had my fill of television reporters standing in the windswept rain of some coastal city. As I write this, we have started naming hurricanes with the Greek alphabet and are now looking at Hurricane "Beta." I think the people at NOAA should have gone with a different naming scheme, like the "Muppets," for example. I don't know about you, but hurricane "Beeker" or "Animal" just strikes me as more compelling. Or even better, why not let corporate America come to our aid by sponsoring hurricanes. Who among us could ignore hurricane "Viagra" or tropical storm "Virgin Atlantic?"

Right now, I find my T-shirt to be a source of great consternation. For me, it eclipses the disturbing impact of any earthquake or storm. In an attempt to save minor ducets, I purchased a gross of "irregular" T-shirts. There is nothing preventing them from selling a totally unwearable undershirt, so long as they put "irregular" on there. For all I knew, there might have been no neck-hole. That certainly would challenge the boundaries of "regular." But my torment comes in a more subtle form, a minor demon, if you will. This undershirt just isn't right in some way that I can't figure out. I took it off the other day and really analyzed it, but found nothing I can report. Is it all in my head? Am I the irregular here?

Compelling stuff, to be sure.

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