Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Of Frenchies, Bathing and Cambridge

An email from the town says it all, "You are hereby notified that the town's Youth Badminton Program has been canceled due to low enrollment numbers." As an elected official in this town, elected by myself in a write-in, I need to know about these things. It's sad. There are sure to be a handful of passionate Badminton players in this precinct who are devastated about this news.

I slept in late this morning, probably due to the large amount of drugs I scarfed down last night to squash an anxiety attack. I felt low and rotten, a pitied and mocked pathetic little fat man who only has one pair of socks. This morning I found a book, taken out of my little bookcase, on the floor near my bed. I know I put it there, of course, and I sometimes sit on the floor there and read. The book was, and probably still is, Leland M. Roth's A Concise History of American Architecture. I didn't remember what I was reading in that book until about an hour ago, when I opened it and found the chapter on Frank Lloyd Wright's Johnson Wax Administration Building in Racine, Wisconsin. My signed photograph of former WHDH Meteorologist Chikage Windler served as a bookmark.

But why did I dig up that book, read that chapter, take Ms. Windler's picture off the wall and use it to mark the page? I'll never know, and only the vague memory exists of what exactly I read about. As for the picture of Ms. Windler, that was obtained as part of my effort at collecting signed photographs of all of Boston's weather men and women. After Chikage moved to Alaska to report on snow to the cold hicks of the Great White North, I lost interest in my little project.

I haven't taken a shower in three days, which is usually indicative of a depressed mindset, because I don't like how I feel after two days of no showing. During a particularly bad bout of suicidal depression in the Spring of 2002, I noticed that going a week without a shower didn't bother me so much. But every day up to a week was increasingly uncomfortable. I'm not depressed at present, so I can't easily explain away my fragrant disregard for hygiene. I've been on a Francophile reading kick of late, so maybe the lack of bathing can be blamed on the influence of Sartre and Maeterlinck (although the latter is Belgian, I'm told they stink, too).

These are also most likely stereotypes, too, so I have nobody to blame but myself. I'm ashamed. Oh, the shame!

Regarding the primary yesterday, I voted for Barack Obama, who lost in my town by about 200 votes. A friend tells me that Obama actually won in Cambridge. Well, the results one town over in Cambridge are interesting on many levels. Here they are...

John R. Edwards 252
Hillary Clinton 9,416
Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 32
Christopher J. Dodd 16
Mike Gravel 25
Barack Obama 17,213
Dennis J. Kucinich 113
Bill Richardson 35

John McCain 1177
Fred Thompson 3
Tom Tancredo 1
Duncan Hunter 2
Mike Huckabee 69
Mitt Romney 904
Ron Paul 196
Rudy Giuliani 13

Check out the very low number of Republicans in Cambridge, which isn't surprising. Huckabee lost out to Kucinich, who isn't even in the race.


Linda said...

Take a shower, darling.

Darren W. Lyle said...

Yes, there is wisdom in that. I shall.