Friday, August 29, 2008

My Very Short Story

Jeremiah tore into his Pop Tart with the hunger of a man who hadn't eaten for days. He had, in point of fact, just eaten a Nutella sandwich minutes before. He was ravenous. In his haste, he didn't recognize that his meal was too hot for comfortable eating. Impossibly hot raspberry Pop Tart filling scorched his lower lip and his hunger was quickly forgotten. With disdain and more than a little anger, Jeremiah threw the rest of his meal into the sink. "Jesus" he exclaimed as he reached for a Brawny paper towel.

Minutes later, Jeremiah left a note for his mother before leaving to catch the 96 bus into Albany. It read:


I burnt my lip on a Pop Tart and killed Dad. He's hanging in the downstairs closet. Well, most of him is, anyway. I'm sorry but I just lost it.


PS-You're out of Pop Tarts.


Anonymous said...

This is too damn funny. Your friend, Cheryl.

Xboxkent said...

Holy Shit that is funny. Awesome Awesome.