Friday, August 29, 2008

Old Man Manipulates Young, Naive Fisherwoman

Women of American, can you feel it?! The hazy energy radiating from the McCain campaign is being emitted by new Vice Presidential candidate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin! She may be against reproductive freedom, but you gals are going to love her! While it's true that she was only chosen by McCain in a crass, ham-handed attempt at grabbing up disaffected Hillary Clinton voters, but don't think McCain is pandering. He wouldn't do that. Would he?

Methinks he did. Palin mentioned Hillary Clinton several times in her speech, and John McCain mentioned the universal suffrage movement. It's no surprise that her anti-choice, NRA Lifetime Member thing makes her undesirable in the extreme in my book. And I'm sure many women will reject her for her stand on reproductive rights alone. But I must ask, would Palin be where she is right now if not for Hillary losing the nomination?

If not, that means that McCain found pretty much the only female Conservative with any experience and put her a heartbeat away from the presidency solely because of a crude strategy to pander to women.

And I'm hearing some Republicans on the tele tell me that the Republicans are "also for change" because they nominated a woman for VP. Well, apparently the future for a Republican is 1984 for a Democrat. That's when the Democratic Party first nominated a woman for VP, Geraldine Ferraro. Republicans are at least a quarter century behind.

McCain looks and sounds nervous and old, and Palin looks way out of her depth. They both cling to a harmful and stupid political and economic philosophy that would make them unappealing no matter what their gender, appearance, age, size, color, or species. McCain/Palin is a sad, pathetic but oddly arrogant ticket that has turned to pandering on their very first day together. I'm not talking about pandering in rhetoric. Oh, no. I'm referring to pandering in important decisions for political gain.

That's my early take. Can't wait for the debates. Hoochey Mama.


Apocalypse Cow said...

you said it perfectly my friend. Palin has a baby with Down syndrome, so there's always that humor. But its only humor if you find something like this humorous:

Apocalypse Cow said...

oh, by the way, I do think that is funny. Breathtakingly, pee my pants funny.