Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Out of Town News to Close

This comes from a friend of mine, in a recent comment left on a previous blog entry:

not sure if you know this, but "out of town news" in Harvard Square is going out of business. Figured it would be something that would interest you, as OOTN is one of the last bastions of non-ass in the whole square. Good bye, Wursthaus, good bye Bow and Arrow, good bye House of Blues(the original), good bye anything non-sucky. I guess the only thing left that I would go there for is Pandemonium.

I'd like to second what he has to say. Out of Town News was right outside of the T station, before you crossed over to the Harvard Co-op, or went the other way to the smoke shop Leavitt & Peirce. My father used to clean the Wursthaus after hours. I remember hanging out in the "pit" behind the T stop. That girl with a pet rat.

Harvard Square will continue to be in business, but whatever made it interesting is bleeding away. It hasn't sunk in yet...this OOTN business. It's more upsetting than Someday Cafe. Is Million Year Picnic and Tokyo Kid still there?

If so, not for long. Thank you, AC.

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Apocalypse Cow said...

Tokyo kid is still there, but they moved to a smaller space in the Garage. And I believe that the ice cream place and pizza place in the Garage are now replaced as well.

Million year picnic is still there,(and still smells like unwashed nerds) as is Charlies Eating and Drinking Saloon. I basically stopped going to HS when Wursthaus closed and House of Blues changed from having excellent soul food to having crappy, yuppified versions of soul food.

Lots of memories in that area, including my getting stopped for shoplifting from HMV Records, and getting banned for life.