Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Assorted Thoughts and a Bold New Look

I'm feeling saucy this afternoon, and as a result I decided to play with this thing. After I did that, I fiddled with the blog template. So feast your eyes, comrades, on the new look of Zeitgeist Expatriate. One detail you're bound not to care about, but I'll point out anyway, is the wire news feed on the right side. Mental illness, reform and sex are the three search parameters used for the articles. As a horny radical socialist with bipolar disorder, it felt right.

Linda and I notice something about the dark cloud of evil that seems to follow George Bush around. After Obama took the oath of office (he seemed nervous, I wonder why), George and Laura left on an Air Force helicopter on the other side of the Capitol Building. As is customary, they will be thrown into a live volcano with 22lbs of dandelions and a live rooster. I'm not sure, but it looked colder and darker around Bush. A bubble of badness.

Word just crossed the wire that Ted Kennedy had a seizure and hit the deck at some gathering. Not hard to understand why. Kennedy is getting old, and one imagines many parties to attend. Joe Biden is probably doing blow off a hooker's ass right now. Well, I hope Kennedy is doing alright.

Ah, and it looks like Robert Byrd of West Virginia has hit the deck for some reason. Man, these parties have got to be bumpin'. Get better, Byrd. I remember that speech you gave against the war back in '03. Wonderful.

A lot of my old Socialist comrades are giving me heat for being such a strong supporter of Obama. Yes, my friends, I know that Obama is pro-capitalist. I knew that when I voted for him. It's called "compromise." Both mainstream parties are fundamentally pro-capitalist, and I can live with that even though I think capitalism has failed. Obama is a reformer, not a revolutionary. He never said he was one, and no amount of whining on the radical left will change the fact that this is a great day for those of us with compassion and scruples and brains.

It appears that Byrd is fine. He had sympathy pains with Kennedy via a psychic bond he has with all Democrats. The same thing happened in Star Wars.

Has anyone seen Ann Coulter hitting the talk show circuit? She must have a new book. I read her old book (really) and I'm reasonably sure that she didn't write the anti-evolution parts of it. It comes right out of Fundamentalist "Flat Earth" nonsense from 100 years ago. Piltdown Man? Oi vey.

Anyway, she's been saying that Obama is not black. This was news to the world, and Obama. Her argument, of course, is that his mother was white, so he's only "1/2 black." The fact that his skin is dark brown, and that he looks black to everyone, doesn't throw her off. I hate to break it to her, but being black makes you black. It wouldn't matter if his parents were Perry Como and Shirley Temple. The man is black, Coulter!

Stupid fucknut.

Beef jerky time!


Apocalypse Cow said...

I have an advance copy of Coulter's new book. Its called "How To Be Bat Shit Crazy And Still Make Millions". In it, she describes how Jesus was, indeed, white and spoke American English, that the Native Americans had it coming to them, that the slaves were lucky that the south decided they weren't worth the trouble, and that she has a penis, and its made of pure hate, manifest into 12 inches of pulsing vitriol under her dress.

In other news, if you haven't seen it already, rent/steal Good Night and Good Luck. I think you would really like it.

mel said...

Tell me how you posted the newswire thingy on the side panel. I like it. Though it seems bipolar is more in the news than sex or reform...

Hey, ever heard of so-called bipolar spectrum? My doc thinks that's where I fit and I've got some nifty meds to prove it.

Darren W. Lyle said...

Hi Mel! When I was setting up the newswire in the side panel, "sex" and "reform" just popped into my head. Sort of revealing in a way I'm disinclined to scrutinize.

It was easy to set up, even for me. Just hit "customize" then "add a gadget." It's in there with polls and pictures and whatnot.

As for the spectrum, I've been diagnosed bipolar, and between my psychiatrist and I we've talked about the possibility that the "social anxiety" from which I suffer is pathologically close to the paranoia of schizophrenia. It's just with me, it manifests as paranoia over what people think of me.

The paranoia of the salon, if you will.

Thankfully, I'm not pulling apart the television looking for hidden cameras (as my uncle once did), but it's crippling in ways that are difficult to speak to here.

We could say that we're bipolar, but "atypical." I wouldn't try to explain the spectrum to people in general...they seem confused.

I hope you're on a merciful part of the spectrum, Mel, and that the drugs help. I have an array of brown bottles myself, and it took a decade (literally) to find meds that work for me. Like lithium, Effexor and lorazepam, and beyond that there's the thyroid problem that impacts all of this. Fun stuff.

Vicodin addiction didn't help, either.

But you're way smarter than I am, Mel, and equally given to self-analysis. Perhaps we should pool ideas.

Most bothersome are the brief but frantic bouts of suicidal self-loathing. It's like an irritable panic attack, but I'm also more than a little out of control. I would say on average they happen once every six weeks or so, but they are terrifying and withering. Lorazepam helps a great deal, naturally, but I spend a lot of time trying to identify the triggers, or defuse the "episode" once it starts.

I'm sorry anyone has to deal with this.