Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Of Lady Slippers and Magic Bullets

A previous comment made by Apocalypse Cow deserves a modicum of attention, as I agree with him so heartily. The comment was about lawns, and why people are so crazy about killing crabgrass and dandelions. He doesn't get it, and neither do I. The act of killing one plant and then spending big money to bring in other plants, or use chemicals, is so odd. Now that it is Spring, I welcome anything and everything alive to grow wild and with vigor. That goes for dandelions, too, which are beautiful and arrive early. Indeed, the very first sign of Spring I remember this year is a dandelion poking through a crack in the concrete just outside my flat. It put me in a better mood. After months of a lifeless, shit brown landscape (or white with snow), every bit of flora is like an affirmation.

So leave the dandelions and crabgrass alone. Instead of green lawns, we could have yards from coast to coast growing wild. No two yards would be exactly alike. You could have flowers and blueberry bushes and an assortment of lady-slippers. Some tall grass, which is quite something to see on a windy day, may fill in here or there. It won't look as anti-septic as lawn and lawn lined up through the heart of an entire continent. But that's the idea, of course.

On another note, I just heard received a frantic call from a friend who called to tell me that Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, a powerful Republican up until now, is now becoming a Democrat! These are happy times for those of us anywhere on the Left. Le sigh.

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Apocalypse Cow said...

I've got wild hyacinth, white and red clover, violets, and of course, dandelions coming up in my yard. And I do NOTHING to get rid of them, except mow when it gets too tall.(don't want the dogs to get ticks) We've removed about 200 square feet of lawn by planting raised beds and other gardens, and we want to basically have as little lawn as possible, because really, what does it do?