Saturday, May 30, 2009


The people who make your stuff rule you. So that would mean that Asia (not the band), mainly China, is the real superpower. Not 10 or 25 years from now, but right now. A post-industrial economy, the thing we're supposed to have in the US and Europe, is useless when it comes to meeting the needs of the 6.2 billion people on this planet. In the US we've even given up on wheat to grow corn, which is a marginal food source compared to wheat.

So the day has come when we don't grow anything but corn for bio-fuel and corn syrup. In 1945, 50 percent of the population lived on a farm. Today it's 2%. And the sad tale of industry is certainly well-enough known.

And it's all totally to blame of "globalization." We ask the nations of Africa to adhere to "free market" tenets that Europe and the US ignored when they were developing. Corporations can pass through borders whenever it suits them, perhaps to avoid a minimum wage law, or environmental regulations. Meanwhile we are a world of nations, with very real borders to keep people in or out.

It feels like a canned hunt. And none of us can fight back until we recognize that private corporations are, almost by definition, working against the interests of people. Profit for a few is fine only for a few. It is actually unethical for a publicly-traded corporation to consider the interests of those who don't own stock in that corporation.

So a small number of people control massive amounts of wealth, and with globalization they can bolt at the first sign of unionization, or a political appetite for regulation.

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