Thursday, October 28, 2010

Easy Principle

Not too long ago I did a bad thing. The details are unimportant, but this bad thing got me arrested. It was an illegal bad thing. After they found me in the nuthouse, charges were filed, and I found myself in the criminal justice system. Eventually, the charges were dropped, but along the way I found out something interesting. Do you want to know the thing I discovered?

A public defender is not free. They don't tell you that up front, they just tell you that it is your right to be defended by counsel. So I said, "Sure." Sort of like Bill Murry in Ed Wood, when he is being baptized and they ask if he rejects Satan. Here it is.

Ed Wood Baptism scene.

That just how I said it, too. "Would you like to be represented by a public defender?" And I said, "Sure."

Little did I know, but the "right" to a public defender comes at a cost. That cost is $150. I'm refusing to pay it for two reasons:

1. The ongoing, and painfully boring, condition of poverty, and;
2. Principle!

The same principle that put 101 Wobblies in prison as of 1919. The same principle that compels me to tell strangers to "Fuck off!" when they tell me I can't feed the geese, or take my dog for a walk (they assume that I don't pick up after her). The same principle that will, with no doubt, get my ass kicked.

To principle!

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