Monday, November 08, 2010

War, War, War

Why do so many of my countrymen, my fellow Americans, forget that we are at war? Clearly they have. During the last election cycle, I rarely heard anyone talk about the young men and women, half way around the world, giving their youth and their lives to their country. Some of the brightest, most thoughtful and principled of this generation are fighting and dying in two wars that seem to have been totally forgotten.

As a nation we'd rather talk about tax cuts for the wealthy. About immigration and "anchor babies." About the president being a "socialist"(red-baiting) and "taking the country back." About political nonsense and attack ads and fear-mongering and populist platitudes. Mostly wealthy, white people saying anything and spending absurd amounts of money, to get elected. And all the while barely a peep from any of them about Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are at war. A small group of families and soldiers are paying the price. The rest of us would rather talk about anything else...anything else. If you support the wars, keep making your case for it, and don't forget the unspeakable emotional and physical pain that our military and their families feel every waking hour of the day.

If you're like me, and you're against these wars, keep talking about why you're against them. Remind your fellow Americans that, yes, we are still at war. And keep saying it, "Bring them home."

However you feel about these wars, don't forget the men and women suffering for them. Most Americans are not in the military. Most Americans don't even have a family member in the military.

Bring 'em home, in the name of decency. BRING THEM HOME!

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