Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Held Close (Hey Hon?) with Mystery

How long --- how long can I live this night!

Look ...the clouds shine --- Darling, how did you do it?
The wind is so soft, the rain is beautiful --- what did you do to the wind, and the rain, and the clouds?

And to me? See, I am drunk, high...I am drunk on you as on a reefer!

We will cross here where the street is crowded that I may hold your hand.

We will ride the subways that we may sit touching, that there be no distance between us. Speak...that I may fill my ears with you. Stay near me...that I may fill my lungs with you.

Come home with me...that I may fill my arms with you.
Come where only I can see you, and we will reveal our bodies, and our lips will make our love burst open, like acorns planted in warm spring soil. Come home with me...

Lift your dress high, your thighs will light my room with moonlight and the hair in the pockets of them will recall to me the darkness fir and larches in the dark mountain passes.

If only I could fit my life's time into those hours --- that I might say:

Was with her from eight to twelve'oclock...and joyous years passed!

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