Monday, September 19, 2011

Nancy, My Father, Cats, A Dog, and a Video Entry!

Have a look at the video entry for today, and by all means check out the pictures below. You'll see the Four Cats! You'll see my very old father! And Nancy lookin' fine! There's a witch tree in there, too, and a Socialist Party presidential candidate.

Here we have that woman I talk about quite a lot.
Her name is Nancy, and she is my wifey. She is
an amazing woman, and she is too good for me,
just don't tell her that.

This man was born in 1932...he's my father.
He just woke up...and he looks it.

J. Quinn Brisben back in 1992, during his
presidential run for the Socialist Party USA.
A great friend and comrade, as is his wife, Andrea.
He took me to see two plays in two nights, and
told stories into the wee hours of the morning.
Quite a fellow. 

Davis Square "T" stop on the Red Line.
This subway stop is down the street from us,
and we use it a lot.
The Witch Tree grows out of bare rock along the shore of
Lake Superior, the largest fresh water lake on Earth. The
tree is at least 300 years old, as a French explorer noted in
the year 1731. It's probably a lot older than that. The tree is
considered sacred by the Ojibwa, and if you want to get any
closer than this, you'll need a native guide.
The House of Four Cats is real. Here are the four cats! That is Impy on the
left, and in front of her is Panther. That's Fluffy on the right side of the
window. Finally, that's Ghost on the arm rest. You'll never meet cats with more
personality than these four. Panther is actually trying to kill my father.

Nancy and I chillin' in bed with our beloved pooch, Annie.
Nancy looks contented and happy...despite the complaints, life
can be good. Annie looks comfortable!

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