Friday, May 23, 2008


The Fogey News Hour, also known as 60 Minutes, has a story this Sunday about how this generation is a bunch of assholes. That fact is loosely connected to how everybody is an asshole, regardless of age, creed or color. I'm told that "Generation M" is particularly obnoxious because they allow their parents to attend job interviews and push professors around, and cannot deal with failure. Dealing with failure is absolutely critical to living. Life repeatedly and earnestly poops in your tub while you're taking a bath.

Earnestly poops.

It's easy for me to sit here and swipe at an entire generation with generalizations and a mocking assessment, so I'll keep doing it. The problem, some maintain, can be traced back to a childhood of scoreless Little League baseball games (no winners or losers), constant reinforcement and doting parents. I'm trying to like this generation, mainly because they are making capitalists miserable and don't seem to give a shit. Upon closer examination, however, one finds that they are very ambitious and arrogant.

So they can cram it.

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